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It’s finally happened – we have updated the Welcome Page!

Our goal is to continue to add content and pictures of Albinas’ work as we sift through the many sketch books, drawings, watercolors and photographs that were a part of his everyday life. It is truly amazing to see the volume of work he produced from his childhood in Lithuania up until the time of his death in 2007. When you are passionate about something - it almost becomes an obsession. Albinas was a perfectionist and was always looking for new and different ways to reinvent the interplay between glass, vitreous paints and light. He was always trying to push the boundary and “go where no stained glass painter had gone before” (The Elskus kids are big Star Trek fans).

For those of you that knew and worked with Albinas, you probably know that he had a stroke in 1991 that rendered his right hand useless. During his recovery, he began to paint with his left hand and within 3 years, emerged with a different style and a renewed spirit.

Gate of Heaven Cemetery and Mausoleum in East Hanover New Jersey, was completed in 1993 and is considered his finest and most challenging work. We have added a link that chronicles his journey on this project.

We want to thank everyone for all the positive feedback we have received regarding Albinas, evidence of the mark he left on the world of stained glass.

If you own a piece of work by Albinas, please contact the Elskus Family ( - We would love to hear your story and this will also help us document all his work!

The Elskus Family